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Spice Things Up With These Great Fashion Tips!

Written By Unknown on Friday, 7 June 2013 | 02:30

Dressing well should make you feel great! Smile after you view your reflection in the mirror; you want to feel confident with the way you look. When you look great, others will appreciate it. Keep reading for some great ideas.
Don't forget the importance of accessorizing. Most outfits can be updated by using new or different accessories. Belts, shoes and bags can transform an outfit. Consider every piece of your outfit to ensure you look amazing.
Do not allow others to dictate what you wear. Style is not limited to being either right or wrong. Everybody must decide on their own what fashionable and makes sense to them. If someone tells you what you need to wear, politely remind them that they can dress themselves.
Every woman needs a few basic staples when it comes to clothing. Dress slacks and hemmed jeans are two valuable items to always have. Of course, every woman needs that little black dress to wear on special occasions.
Begin making subtle changes to your wardrobe. You should not make severe changes because it can seem drastic in a bad way. Just a little change, like a new piece of jewelry or a hair style update can make a big difference. Wear your regular clothes in original ways, or combined with unexpected accessories. You could even wear a scarf for a bracelet.
For the fall and winter, quilted fabrics are going to be in. You can get the quilted look in skirts, blouses, blazers and jackets--or in all your clothing. While it should be a bit loose, wearing it too baggy will make you look larger.
Solid colors work well when you're carrying a little extra weight. If you want to look ten pounds lighter, choose darker colors like black, brown or navy. If you're a small person, try wearing brighter and whiter clothing to look bigger to others.
Add your personality to your style. Wear your hair a little messy, unbutton your shirt, or wear shoes that don't perfectly match your outfit. As a matter of fact, perfect is never what you should be aiming for. You should be going for personal. Always make your fashion personal to you and for you, not for anyone else. Please only yourself and don't worry about the peanut gallery.
Take your body shape into account when selecting items for your closet. Much to your dismay, a low-cut blouse may not be the best choice for you, but maybe you've got killer legs. Highlight them with a short-yet-reasonable skirt and a great pair of heels, and you are sure to look spectacular. Play up your strengths.
To look more stylish, try wearing a piece you would usually not wear. This is a great idea because not only will it keep you open to ideas, but you never know how something new might end up looking on you. It is a great way to add more choices to your selections.
Everyone will notice you when you are stunning. You notice it when you check yourself out in store windows as you walk by. Friends, families and coworkers notice as well. Impress everyone you encounter by dressing with style. Take all the simple tips you learned here to help you achieve this look.


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