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Top Fashion Tips And Advice Anyone Can Use

Written By Unknown on Saturday, 29 June 2013 | 02:00

Dressing well does not have to be difficult. Once you understand the basics of fashion, it's simple. This article has some excellent tips and ideas that will help you reach the top link of the food chain of fashion in no time. Read on for some great tips.
To achieve the look of fuller lips, begin by first using a lip pencil for lining and then smoothing the edges with a sponge applicator. You can also use petroleum jelly or lip gloss on top of your lips. A second coat of gloss in the center of your top lip can help you achieve that popular pouty look. What is great is that eye shadow can help bring out your lips. Place a small dollop in the middle of both lips.
Apply a bit of mousse to add volume to thin hair, but use a light hand so you don't overdo. Really huge, high hair that was popular during the 80s might be in style, but it's difficult to pull off and often leads to an unflattering look.
One important fashion tip is to avoid overdoing your accessory choices. A truly stunning look is to showcase only one accessory, perhaps a stunning necklace or beautiful earrings. This leads people to focus their attention on that one item and gives you the appearance of being well-organized.
Don't wear square heels if your legs are very short. These shoes make people with short legs look shorter than normal, so try slim heel shoes instead.
If you are wearing plus sizes and would like to seem smaller, don't wear floral patterns with large shapes and flowers. Larger shapes can hurt your image of trying to look thin. Find a dress with smaller patterns to reduce the emphasis on your body size and more on the detail.
Vary small things in your wardrobe. Big wardrobe changes can result in terrible fashion choices. Change your style with jewelry or accessories from time to time. Try wearing your simple clothing in a variety of different ways. You could even wear a scarf for a bracelet.
Look at thrift stores for some good finds. Whether your style is vintage or modern, don't dismiss the idea of trying thrift stores for great finds. Some items are junk, but for an attentive shopper, there are many great finds. You might find your next favorite item of clothing at a thrift store.
Wear dark colored blouses and skirts to make yourself look skinnier if you're overweight. Dark colors will de-emphasize you troublesome areas. For extra comfort, your skirt's waistband should be elastic.
Get your hair up and off your shoulders with a casual up-do. This can reduce the hassle of long hair, especially if you are stressed out at work or school. If you have no time to spend with your hair, get an elastic hairband and pull your hair up into a bun. Even if it is a little messy, it will look cute.
It is possible for you to be fashionable. It can even be a lot of fun. Take the keys that have been set forth in this article and use them to find a fashionable look that fits you and makes you look great.


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